Going Rogue At Last

NEW NEWS: Adding a section of my website devoted to fiction and creative non-fiction writing. Hoping to participate in a few “flash fiction” competitions. Working my way towards that first book… (October 2019)

FURTHER UPDATE! As of June 2019, I am now the theatre critic for the Sonoma County Gazette. Happy to make the switch to a media outlet that is both print and online, and that has a wide readership throughout the County. I’ve been faithfully reading the Gazette for over six years, enjoying its compilation of resources for literally everything that’s happening in our region, and excited now to be part of the team bringing information about live theater to the public. Editor Vesta Copestakes built the publication from the ground up, and manages both print and online editions with a generous spirit– she’s given me such a nice welcome. As always, I will still post excerpts from reviews here, and other articles as well. See my new page HERE.

UPDATE: In mid-January 2018, I was named a North Bay theatre correspondent for Talkin’ Broadway, charged with seeing as much theatre as I can in the North counties and posting reviews for this revered source of theatre news and reviews. I will continue to post reviews on my own site when there’s no conflict; and, I’m permitted to post the first two paragraphs of a Talkin’ Broadway review, with a link to the full review, after it has been published. I’m delighted to have this platform for my reviews, and eager to work again with the TBC team of Patrick Thomas, Richard Connema, Eddie Reynolds, and editor Ann Miner.  Go here to check out the amazing national website:  Talkin’Broadway.com

December, 2017:  It’s finally time to launch my own website as a venue for sharing my reviews of theatre productions, my thoughts on culture and the arts, and some fun stuff too. After decades of writing for media outlets such as the Palo Alto Weekly, Mountain View Voice, Talkin’Broadway.com, and the San Jose Metro, I’m happy to transition to At Large status, where I won’t worry about word count or other limitations.*

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Between Riverside and Crazy

Left Edge Theatre, Santa Rosa
Runs through November 10, 2019

Corey Jackson as Pops and Jared N. Wright as Oswaldo. Photo by Katie Kelley.

The 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama, Between Riverside and Crazy tops a long list of remarkable, edgy plays by American playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis. His ability to blend comedy and darkness, the rough with the smooth, in plays likeThe Mother****er with the Hat and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, shimmers with social commentary and sizzling satire. He’s also good at a kind of magical realism, in-your-face American style, that offers up surprises for the heart and a gentle hope for humanity.

Walter “Pops” Washington (Corey Jackson) occupies a spacious New York apartment on upscale Riverside Drive, which he swears he’ll never leave because rent control keeps its current costs at one-tenth its value. He shares the space with his recently-paroled son, Junior (Sam Ademola), Junior’s fiancée Lulu (Pilar Gonzales) and Junior’s recovering addict friend Oswaldo (Jared N. Wright). A motley bunch, living off Pops’ pension as an ex-cop and engaging in various low-level scams for spare change.

Pops lost his wife to cancer within the past year; the aging Christmas tree in the background bears testament to his inability to accept her passing, and his bitterness and anger affect his relationships with the living. When young Lulu confides in him about her pregnancy, the news provides a glimmer of hope in his otherwise bleak outlook. . . .

To continue reading about this production, see the full review at Sonoma County Gazette:
Between Riverside and Crazy