Luna Gale

Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma
Runs through October 27, 2019

L-R: Miranda Jane Williams, Zane Walters and Liz Jahren. Photo by Eric Chazankin.

There are only a few performances left in the run, but I encourage you to make the trip to Petaluma to see the outstanding production of Luna Gale at Cinnabar Theater. A thoughtful concept by a talented director, an affecting script (a Pulitzer finalist by award-winning American playwright Rebecca Gilman), creative production elements and a superb cast make for a riveting, engaging evening of theatre— definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far this season.

Pick up your phone now to reserve your seats for one of the remaining shows.

Playwright Gilman often tackles thorny issues in contemporary society in her plays, but what may seem very specific at first ends up being universal in the ethical questions that arise. In Luna Gale, a pair of 19-year-old parents land in bureaucratic hot water when they bring their ill baby to the ER, and a social worker, alert to signs of possible neglect, determines they are drug users and takes charge of the baby. Carlie (Miranda Jane Williams) and Peter (Zane Walters) protest in vain as their baby is transferred by social worker Caroline (Liz Jahren) to the home of Carlie’s mother, Cindy (Gina Alvarado). …

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Luna Gale