Going Rogue At Last

FURTHER UPDATE! Now located in the Five Cities area on the Central Coast of California, I’m once again changing primary “outlets,” hoping to find a new reviewing home in days to come. See my latest post called “Breaking the Silence” for more info. I also added a section of my website devoted to fiction and creative non-fiction writing. Working my way towards that first book…

HISTORICAL: In June 2019, I became the theatre critic for the Sonoma County Gazette. In mid-January 2018, I was named a North Bay theatre correspondent for Talkin’ Broadway. Before I moved to North Bay in 2017, I was a theatre critic for the Palo Alto Weekly for almost 20 years. I also wrote for Mountain View Voice and the San Jose Metro.

December, 2017:  I launched my own website as a venue for sharing my reviews of theatre productions, my thoughts on culture and the arts, and some fun stuff too. After decades of writing for various media outlets, I’m happy to transition to At Large status, where I won’t worry about word count or other limitations.

Comments welcomed as long as they’re in the spirit of respectful suggestion or collegial debate. I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason and to block unruly visitors.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy posting them.