The Tin Woman

The Tin Woman
By Sean Grennan
Ross Valley Players, through June 10, 2018

Ellen Brooks and Joanna Cretella in The Tin Woman. Photo: Robin Jackson.

Toss together a strong cast, a sweetly humorous and affecting play, and intelligent, capable direction, and you have a hit show at Ross Valley Players. The Tin Woman, by American playwright Sean Grennan, has serious themes at its core, including the sudden death of an adult child and a subsequent heart transplant. But it’s also seasoned with appropriate and realistic humor, just the right spice to alleviate the heaviness. This production gives it a superb rendition, well worth your time.

Initial scenes are hazy and shrouded in mystery, as we witness two different awakenings—that of a young man who seems confused at first, and that of a young woman in hospital. It turns out that Joy (Joanna Cretella) has just had a heart transplant, and is tended to by an overly perky nurse (Sumi Narendran Cardinale). Joy wonders out loud who that young man was that she saw in her room—or was it a dream? …

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The Tin Woman