Stairway to Paradise

Stairway to Paradise
Transcendence Theatre Company
Running through July 1 in Jack London National Park

Full cast of Stairway to Paradise. Photo: Ray Mabry

Transcendence Theatre Company has another hit on their hands, and this one is as fabulous as it can get. Expertly directed and choreographed by Tony Gonzalez, Stairway to Paradise features 18 Broadway performers in numbers selected from musical theatre and pop hits. It’s a true “triple threat” ensemble—all of them actor-singer-dancer professionals—and wow, do they deliver a knockout show. Transcendence Theatre Company has come to mean award-winning solid entertainment, and this is one of their best yet. Each year (since 2011) seems to get better and better, and this first show in the new season heralds a summer full of awesome.

Classics like “Blue Skies” get the Transcendence treatment, meaning updated arrangements and clever staging infused with dance and showcasing the polished talents of one or more performers. The next number might be a well-known song from musical theatre, like “Cabaret” (featuring repeat favorite Leslie McDonel), or a popular hit, like Justin Timberlake’s infectious “Can’t Stop the Feeling” (in a standout rendition by the men, showcasing their superb voices and dance skills).

Sprinkled in are lesser-known numbers that deserve airing, like the delightful “A Little Bit,” from Crazy, Just Like Me (performed by Michael Linden), or the funny “Air Conditioner,” by Christine Lavin (made hilarious by Shaleah Adkisson, with assistance from Tim Roller). …

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Stairway to Paradise