The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors
6th Street Playhouse, in the Cannery Ruins
Runs in Santa Rosa through September 2, 2018

L-R: Isabella Sakren, Jessica Headington, Jared Wright, William J. Brown III. Photo: Eric Chazankin.

Love that outdoor Shakespeare in the summer? Picnicking before the show, lounging in your camp chairs, sipping wine, and watching the sun go down and the stage lights come up as a hearty troupe of players give their all in something fun from the Bard? All this and more can be yours for a pittance by getting yourself over to 6th Street Playhouse’s summer offering in the Cannery Ruins, to see a rousing and laugh-out-loud staging of The Comedy of Errors. An excellent cast plus lots of farcical fights and the timeless tale of twins adds up to an enjoyable late summer evening. Another motivation: it’s quite likely to be the last ever production in this particular venue, as the entire lot is slated for development.

The Comedy of Errors is as farcical a play as Shakespeare ever wrote, involving not one but two sets of twins separated as babes, and even parents separated by storm-tossed seas. Don’t ask why the twins share the same name—just don’t. It will only confuse you more than the unlucky twins named Antipholus are, once they accidentally land in the same coastal town of Ephesus. Antipholus of Syracuse (William J. Brown III) is traveling in Ephesus with his faithful servant Dromio (Jared Wright), when suddenly he is hailed by total strangers who seem to know him and know his name, too. That’s odd enough, but it’s even odder when an attractive woman named Adriana (Jessica Headington) calls him husband and begs him to come home for dinner. …

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