Savage Wealth

by Bob Duxbury
Runs at Main Stage West, Sebastopol, through Sept. 30, 2018

Matt Cadigan, Peter T. Downey, Ilana Niemberger. Photo: Eric Chazankin

A slight but delightful new comedy now runs at Main Stage West, featuring three accomplished actors in a triangle of complications over a real estate deal. Well, that’s the overall premise in Bob Duxbury’s latest play, although the situation rapidly escalates with deceptions and lies and subterfuge on the hopeful road to riches. Despite a few plot anomalies in the play, the production succeeds in providing lots of laughs and, ultimately, some food for thought.

Meet two brothers, Gabe (Matt Cadigan) and Todd (Peter T. Downey), whose frugal father recently died while changing a lightbulb in the family Tahoe home. Todd takes charge of readying the home for sale, assigning tasks to Gabe such as finding a realtor and ditching the useless furnishings. Mostly, he’s annoyed to learn that the lot across the street is going up for sale soon, which will no doubt lower the sale value of their home, when potential buyers know that the lake view will vanish.

But the brothers know who owns that lot: Childhood friend Beanie (Ilana Niernberger) inherited the property when her father died, and she’s ready to harvest the investment, having recently returned home from a spiritual sojourn in India. …

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