Church and State

by Jason Odell Williams
Runs through Oct. 7, 2018 at Raven Players Theater, Healdsburg

Matt Farrell, Priscilla Locke, Katie Watts-Whitaker,
and Zack Acevedo

Photo by Ray Mabry

Blatantly political, Church and State seeks to awaken your sensibilities regarding religion, government, and gun control, wrapping the substantive debates in a veneer of humorous banter and stereotypical characters. Playwright Jason Odell Williams lulls the audience in a comfortable comedic vein, but then delivers a serious punch meant to challenge preconceptions and encourage action. Raven Players is staging a credible and ultimately powerful version of this timely piece, conveying its unequivocal message just in time for midterm elections.

North Carolina Senator Charles “Charlie” Whitmore (Matt Farrell) is just three days shy of a re-election bid, and due to give an important campaign speech. He’s groomed by his campaign manager Alex Klein (Katie Watts-Whitaker), a savvy New Yorker determined to log another win on her resume and ride this pony all the way to the Oval Office. But tonight she’s worried, as the Senator is clearly off his game and thinking of improvising his speech. …

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Church and State