The Addams Family

Spreckels Theatre Company
Runs in Rohnert Park through October 28, 2018

Peter T. Downey, Serena Elize Flores, Emma LeFever, Erik Weiss, Brian Bertoli, Tika Moon, Mario Herrera. Photo by Jeff Thomas.

They’re crazy and kooky, all right, and taking up residence just in time for Hallowe’en in the Spreckels Performing Arts Center. You might recognize the wacky Addams Family from the long-running cult-fave TV series, or from the hit movies. The musical, based on both of these and Charles Addams’ quirky cartoons for the New Yorker, supplies song and dance for the macabre troupe, along with a plotline for lovable ghouls. Spreckels’ production, albeit a bit of a departure and somewhat long, gleefully pumps up the kooky factor with wonderful spectacle and excellent performance, keeping it on the bright side.

Gomez and Morticia Addams (Peter T. Downey and Serena Elize Flores) inhabit the gloomy ancestral mansion hidden somewhere in Central Park, Manhattan, sensibly holed up there eschewing the outside world with the rest of the family, including children Wednesday (Emma LeFever) and Pugsley (Mario Herrera), Grandma (Tika Moon) and Uncle Fester (Erik Weiss), and butler Lurch (Brian Bertoli). Plus, on this occasion, a cadre of ghostly Ancestors who are resurrected for one night and then commanded by Fester to help him in a mission of love. …

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The Addams Family