God of Carnage

Novato Theater Company
Runs in Novato through Nov. 11, 2018

Ken Bacon, Jena Hunt-Abraham, Heather Shepardson, 
and Marty Lee Jones.  
Photo by Fred Deneau

Yasmina Reza has made a playwriting career out of portraying smart, educated people as they descend, quite humorously, into uncivilized behavior, thus exposing the caveman-like underbelly of so-called polite society. Her 2008 hit play God of Carnage delivers this descent in hilarious fashion, and you can see it in action right now in Novato Theater Company’s excellent staging. A fine cast and superior production values make for a superb 90 minutes of entertainment, full of surprises, zingers, and even some food for thought.

Self-made businessman Michael and earth mother arts writer Veronica (Marty Lee Jones and Heather Shepardson) have invited the Raleighs to their upscale Brooklyn home to discuss an altercation between their 11-year-old boys. Corporation lawyer Alan and trophy wife Annette (Ken Bacon and Jena Hunt-Abraham) readily admit their son Benjamin’s wrongdoing, as he did after all hit Henry with a stick, damaging two teeth. Initially, it all seems cut and dried, the two couples amicably discussing potential strategies for resolution of the conflict: Perhaps a meeting? With or without parents? What kind of consequences? And so forth.

But over espresso and homemade clafoutis, conflicting opinions emerge, tensions surface, and intellectual demeanors and niceties begin to crumble. …

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