This Random World

Left Edge Theatre, Santa Rosa
Runs through May 26, 2019

Chandler Parrott-Thomas and Anthony Martinez
Photo by Katie Kelley

“If I had to do it all over again, I would have doubted more. What was I so busy being certain about?” says senior citizen Scottie (Trish DeBaun) in Steven Dietz’s enigmatic play This Random World, now running at Left Edge Theatre. A strong cast and beautiful production values make an attractive airing for this quirky, comic, and provocative script. Sure to spark after-show debate, the play offers a salve for yearning and regret, if one accepts its unconventional narrative style.

We first meet Scottie’s two adult children, Beth (Heather Gordon) and Tim (Anthony Martinez), casually bickering, as siblings do, about caring for their mother, about each other’s life/love choices, and, somewhat oddly, about death—seems Beth has her memorial service planned already, including writing her own obituary. She’s taking a dangerous trip to Nepal and wants Tim to be prepared in case she doesn’t return. Beth also laments that her mother doesn’t travel or have any activities, and admonishes Tim to keep in touch with her.

But we soon learn that Scottie indeed travels, keeping it secret from her children with the help of her aide Bernadette (Rosie Frater). There’s one trip she’s planning, to a shrine in Japan located in “The Forest Where Lies Are Revealed.” …

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