A Transcendent Chorus Line

Transcendence Theatre Company
Runs in Glen Ellen at Jack London State Park through June 30

1TTC_A Chorus Line
Cast of Transcendence Theatre Company’s A Chorus Line.  Photo by @brennanspark_photography

Just when you think Transcendence Theatre Company couldn’t get any better, they take a big risk and up their game, deviating from their tried-and-true hugely successful revue format in order to present their first book musical, A Chorus Line.

The production represents fulfillment of a long-held dream of the group’s founders Amy Miller, Brad Surosky, and Stephan Stubbins, who seemed to always know, or perhaps hope, that one day their company would reach a point where it would be possible to mount their favorite musical of all time, and do it as only TTC can do it. That means pulling out all the stops with a tremendous cast, nimble orchestra, and a fresh take on staging and choreography, and the result is truly memorable, a fantastic performance full of delights.

If you’ve seen the venerable musical before, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful updating of certain scenes, as in “At the Ballet.”  Sung by Sara Andreas as Sheila, Leslie Rochette as Bebe, and Erika Conaway as Maggie, the number gets an added twist with inventive staging that brings home the lyrics with a new power. “Dance: Ten, Looks: Three” gets a terrifically perky rendition by Alicia L. Albright as Val, with delectable and sassy movement. “Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love,” led by Jeremy Greenbaum as Mark and Sierra Lai Barnett as Connie, engages the whole company in a feast of fun and current choreography— so much to see and enjoy. . . .

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