Measure for Measure

Marin Shakespeare Company
Runs in San Rafael through July 21


Patrick Russell and Luisa Frasconi. Photo by Jay Yamada.

One of Shakespeare’s so-called “problem plays,” Measure for Measure is not often produced, defying genre classification and posing an enigmatic ending. But the current production in Marin deftly dispels any doubts about the entertainment potential of the play, giving us an amusing, touching, and rousing rendition that is surprisingly resonant for today. Clever staging and excellent performances along with some original elements make Marin Shakespeare Company’s 30th anniversary something to happily celebrate.

The crazily complex plot features Duke Vincentio (a nimble Patrick Russell) taking a sabbatical from governing and leaving the State in the hands of Angelo (Joseph Patrick O’Malley). Angelo is known to be strict, but also moral and learned. But the Duke takes the disguise of a friar in order to stay behind and spy on his own administration . . .

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