The Tasting Room

Lucky Penny Productions
Runs in Napa through August 18

Danielle DeBow, Barry Martin, and Taylor Bartolucci watch as Michael Ross judges a wine. Photo Courtesy Lucky Penny Productions.

Tucked away in a converted warehouse in a Napa business/industrial area is a gem of a theatre producing quality shows for those willing to make the short hop. Lucky Penny Productions, the brainchild of co-founders Barry Martin and  Taylor Bartolucci, has been going strong for ten years now, mounting classics, contemporary works and musicals for delighted audiences. The Tasting Room, a revival from 2018 written by Martin himself, showcases some of the company’s associate artists and delivers happy hilarity that locals will especially appreciate.

That’s because it’s set right here in wine country, in the tasting room of a small vineyard owned and run by the Lusch family (pronounced “Loosh,” of course), currently managed by two sisters— Emily (Danielle DeBow) and Becca (Taylor Bartolucci). Their efforts to keep the winery afloat despite lackluster reviews and sluggish sales are aided by expert wine-seller Tony (Barry Martin). Shady sales tactics are tolerated in favor of a bottom line that isn’t at rock bottom.

A dreary day is turned upside down with the entrance of Sid Taylor (Michael Scott Wells), who reveals he’s a wine writer employed by the famous reviewer Elbert Fleeman (Michael Ross), a harsh critic who has the power to make or break wineries— and who’s due to arrive that very day. . . .

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The Tasting Room