6th Street Playhouse
Runs in Santa Rosa through Oct. 20, 2019


“Sing out, June! Sing out, Louise!” “Let me entertain you, and we’ll have a real good time, yessir!” Gypsy, one of the biggest, brashest, boldest and best-loved musicals of all time, features a Broadway star and an excellent ensemble in its current incarnation at 6th Street Playhouse. The vaudeville show-within-a-show promises entertainment, and you’ll no doubt find the show delivers on that promise in a big, bold way.

Kathy Fitzgerald, Broadway veteran having originated roles for The Producers and 9 to 5, the Musical and starred in others, takes a break from her current tour with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in order to play Momma Rose for 6th Street. Rose is the most complex female character in musical theatre, and Fitzgerald hits all the emotional nuances of the role as well as belting those memorable songs— “Some People,” “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” and the brilliant “Rose’s Turn.”

Rose’s dreams for her daughters include fame, fortune and stardom, and prove elusive despite her pushy determination. Baby June (a delightful Gigi Bruce-Low) and Young Louise (Cecilia Brenner showing off her talents once again) become Dainty June (terrific Melody Payne) and Louise (fabulous Carmen Mitchell), growing up in vaudeville without achieving the Bigtime that Rose covets. Rose corrals Herbie (fatherly gentleman Roger Michelson) into being their agent and den-father on the road, but avoids marrying him as promised. …

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