Honky Tonk Angels

Honky Tonk Angels
Ted Swindley
Playing at 6th Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa, through Feb. 4, 2018.

L-R: Abbey Lee, Daniela Innocenti Beem, Amy Webber

The show is true to its breed, a revue showcasing some 25 country music songs strung together with minimal plot, but three talented women deliver strong performances to make for an enjoyable and worthwhile entertainment. Honky Tonk Angels, created by Ted Swindley (who also created the better-known show, Always…Patsy Cline), pays tribute to the songs and artists of distaff country such as Tanya Tucker, Tammy Wynette, Bobbie Gentry, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Etta James and more, including hits as well as hidden gems in the line-up. You don’t have to be a big country music fan to recognize most of the tunes, and maybe you’ll even discover some new songs while appreciating the singers.

Each performer plays a distinct character in the loosely woven plot. Angela (Daniela Innocenti Beem) is stuck in a humdrum housewife role, “Queen of her double-wide,” with six kids and an inattentive husband, and can’t wait to spread her wings in Nashville. Sue Ellen (Amy Webber) fights off the unwanted moves of her boss and longs to make good on the promise of her childhood singing triumphs. Darlene (Abbey Lee) has to shake off the coal dust, say goodbye to a grieving father, and follow her dream of a life in music. The three meet on a bus to Nashville, discover their natural vocal blend, and decide to team up to take “Nash-Vegas” by storm. …

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