The Dining Room

The Dining Room
A. R. Gurney
Playing at Sonoma Arts Live, Sonoma, through Feb. 4, 2018.

The Dining Room-8
L-R: Kim Grimm, Jill Wagoner, Trevor Hoffmann, Isabelle Grimm, Rhonda Guaraglia, Len Handelman

A. R. Gurney is perhaps best known for his plays The Cocktail Hour and Pulitzer-nominated Love Letters, but The Dining Room deserves its own revered place in the canon of American plays. A fond tribute to vanishing traditions, Gurney’s work also reminds us of important values worth cherishing. The production by Sonoma Arts Live scores a win with its tender, amusing and charming rendition of the play.

The Dining Room unfolds in a series of 18 short scenes, their relationship to each other left to the viewer to decide. Resembling a collection of short stories, the play mines the minutiae of upper middle-class family life from early 20th century to (perhaps) the present. All action takes place in a single room, an upscale, traditional American dining room, anchored by a classic table with six chairs. Six actors—Isabelle Grimm, Kit Grimm, Rhonda Guaraglia, Len Handeland, Trevor Hoffmann, and Jill K. Wagoner—each play multiple roles to portray different ages and types…

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