Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Dead Man’s Cell Phone
By Sarah Ruhl
Ross Valley Players through March 25, 2018

American playwright Sarah Ruhl has made much success over the last 15 years, garnering awards and the prestigious MacArthur Foundation grant, with plays that celebrate the quirky, emotional, messy and unpredictable in life. Dead Man’s Cell Phone is no exception, surreal in style, lost in non-linear time, and occasionally feeling disjunct and scattered. The Ross Valley Players production brings the play to life with some laugh-out-loud moments and touching human connections.

Steve Price and Deborah Murphy in Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Photo: Gregg Le Blanc.

Enjoying lunch in a cafe, Jean (Deborah Murphy) is at first annoyed, then slightly outraged at a persistently ringing cell phone. Finally approaching the man at the nearby table, she discovers he isn’t just being rude—he’s actually in rigor mortis. …

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Dead Man’s Cell Phone