The Realistic Joneses

The Realistic Joneses
by Will Eno
Runs at Left Edge Theatre through March 25, 2018

Melissa Claire & Chris Ginesi. Photo: Argo Thompson.

Two couples become neighbors in one of those little towns near the mountains, and they coincidentally share the same last name. Bob and Jennifer (Chris Schloemp and Melissa Claire) moved there a while ago, whereas John and Pony (Chris Ginesi and Paige Picard) have just arrived, eager to make the new place home and get acquainted with their neighbors. That, however, is just the surface in this recent work by Will Eno, being given an excellent, stylish production at Left Edge Theatre. Soon we’re caught up in the intrigue of overlapping lives and desires, even as we chuckle at the witty dialogue and amusing situations. The play tackles questions of love and mortality and connection with a light touch, but is sure to continue surprising your thoughts long after.

Bob and Jennifer are enjoying a quiet evening in their yard, although not getting very far with their conversation—”It just seems like we don’t talk,” laments Jennifer, to which Bob replies, “What are we doing right now? Math?” …

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The Realistic Joneses