Noises Off!

Noises Off!
by Michael Frayn
Runs through March 31, 2018, at 6th Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa

Cecilia Senocak, Ginger Beavers, John C. Browning and Erik Weiss. Photo: Eric Chazankin

On the silliness scale, this farce by Michael Frayn is about as silly as you can get. Often called “the funniest play in the English language,” Noises Off! pulls out all the stops in its play-within-a-play structure, giving us an utterly delightful and hilarious peek behind the scenes when everything that can go wrong, does. The 6th Street Playhouse production fully embraces the silliness, the slamming doors, the sight gags, the falling trousers, and, of course, the sardines.

It’s the eve before the opening of a new farce called Nothing On, and the cast is rehearsing diligently, trying to remember their lines and the intricacies of the action, and get through it at least once. Is it tech? Is it the dress? No one seems to know, not even the director, Lloyd (Devin McConnell), who seems to have the patience of a saint as he coaches Dottie (Ginger Beavers) on her actions as the housekeeper character, Mrs. Clackett. “I take the sardines.” “No, you leave the sardines.” “I leave the sardines?” “And you take the newspaper.” “Have we changed that? Is that what I’ve been doing?” “I wouldn’t say that, Dottie m’love, but it is what needs to happen.” …

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Noises Off!