Women in Jeopardy

Women in Jeopardy
by Wendy MacLeod
Runs in Santa Rosa through May 27, 2018

Laugh-out-loud funny and downright clever,

L-R: Sandra Ish, Angela Squire, Shannon Rider. Photo: Argo Thompson

Wendy MacLeod’s new play at Left Edge Theatre makes for an excellent entertainment, with zingers galore and a fine comic cast. Although billed as pure enjoyment, the play waves a flag for love and friendship, even with hilarity at the potential for complications. Throw in a somewhat fantastical murder mystery and you have a delightful, silly situation comedy akin to a modern-day “I Love Lucy” episode.

Thoughtful Mary (Shannon Rider) and practical Jo (Sandra Ish) lament that they have missed their mutual best friend Liz (Angela Squire) because of her preoccupation with her new boyfriend. The three divorcees have supported each other through thick and thin, marriages and divorces, and more. When Liz shows up at Chardonnay Tuesday with Jackson (Richard Pallaziol) in tow, she’s showing him off and maybe hoping to incite a little jealousy. After all, he’s a dentist with a thriving practice, and the sex has never been better. Liz gloats, “I’m experiencing a Renaissance of my nether parts.” But Jackson has a creep factor, with a voice like Hannibal Lecter’s and a knack for inappropriate, ghoulish remarks, and Mary and Jo are a little alarmed for their friend. When information surfaces that suggests he might also be a serial killer, they move into high gear to intervene and save Liz.

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