Jeeves Intervenes

Jeeves Intervenes
By Margaret Raether, based on the stories of P.G. Wodehouse
Sonoma Arts Live
Runs through May 27, 2018

Jeeves Intervenes SAL 2018-4
L-R: Delaney Brummé, Randy St. Jean, and Nick Moore. Photo: Miller Oberlin.

P.G. Wodehouse didn’t write the play Jeeves Intervenes, but the wonderful stories of Bertie Wooster and wise valet Jeeves are the material on which the play is based. His stories captured an era and the laughable stuffiness of the English upper class, turning their obsessions with status and propriety into satirical comic genius. They’re quintessentially British characters and settings, but easily recognizable for their foibles and ambitions. This stage adaptation by Margaret Raether brings the two lovable characters to life, along with Bertie’s domineering Aunt Agatha and assorted others. The Sonoma Arts Live production, although not very British, lands some of the laughs in the witty script and manages to entertain.

Foolish and fun-loving Bertie Wooster (Delaney Brummè) relies on Jeeves (Randy St. Jean) to get him out of his many scrapes and pickles, and in fact, Jeeves’ ability to resolve difficult situations has become legendary with Wooster’s friends. When Eustace Bassington-Bassington (Nick Moore) shows up with a desperate plea, it’s Jeeves’ advice he seeks. …

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Jeeves Intervenes